Your 2023 Med Spa Internet Marketing Plan For To Maximize Your Lead Flow Via The Internet

Your 2023 Internet Marketing Plan Maximize Your Lead Flow Via The Internet

Are you looking to grow the number of leads your website generates for your medical spa in 2023? Do you want to get ahead of the curve and utilize the latest Internet marketing strategies? Then this is the blog post for you where we will uncover essential marketing tactics, such as website optimization, lead generation, and automation tools so that you can ensure maximum growth.

Always Set Clear Goals For A Successful Internet Marketing Campaign


Clear goals are your oars as you navigate the flowing river that is internet marketing. To achieve a return on investment with your marketing, you must have clear targets and goals with KPIs alongside a plan to generate enough leads to keep your appointment schedule full.

Setting clear written goals can lead to higher earnings, as shown by a Harvard study where 13% of Harvard graduates with goals earned twice as much as those without, and the 3% who wrote down their goals made ten times as much as the other 97%.

One goal you need to be clear on is how many leads you need to hit your revenue goals. To reach a revenue goal of $100,000, a typical med spa needs about 26 monthly leads and a budget of almost $1,000 for advertising. To hit a revenue goal of $1.5 million, a typical med spa would need 769 leads per month with a 65% conversion rate.

You can use our free Lead Generation Target Planner to determine precisely how many leads you need to hit your revenue goals.

Understand Your Customer Avatar To Craft Messaging That Resonates With Them

Knowing who your ideal customer is, is the foundation for any successful marketing campaign, so we’ve put together a free downloadable buyer person workbook to ensure you know precisely who your buyer persona is. Using this free PDF, you’ll know exactly how to key in on your buyer personas so you can craft messaging they want to hear.

Once you understand whom you are selling to, it is essential to identify and understand your ideal customer’s pains, frustrations, fears, goals, and aspirations to craft messaging that makes them think, “Hey, they are talking to me!”. Your messaging should be straightforward and align with your buyer persona’s beliefs while highlighting the benefits and reasons someone should choose to do business with you over your competition.

Examples of the above-mentioned clear messaging include copy about flexible hours, straightforward pricing, and satisfaction guarantees, all of which can lower buying anxieties for today’s busy customers.

Here are a few other key points we have seen work well when addressing a typical med spa buyer persona:

  • Trustworthy staff
  • Experience injectors
  • Safe and effective personalized services
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Exclusive, comforting, and relaxing environment

Knowing your target audience and tailoring your messaging to effectively market your med spa services is crucial to getting your points across.

Ensure Your Website Is Set Up To Convert Users Into Leads

To ensure your website users convert into clients, your website needs a clean and uncluttered design, clear messaging, and authentic images that speak directly to the target audience. Taking things one step further and adding a welcome video and videos showcasing your services will help you stand out from your competition. Other elements you should include on your home page include online reviews, your phone number in the upper right-hand corner, and symbols of credibility like certifications, awards, or publications to help build validity in the user’s eyes.

Live chat on your website is also a big trend of late that can increase conversion rates and is easy and free to implement with companies like Tido.com. Also, adding an Instagram feed that pulls your Instagram posts directly onto your website in real-time will help keep your home page content fresh and engaging.

Announcement banners are another easy-to-install / update conversion element and a great way to notify new and returning customers about limited-time specials.

Your website should also have individual pages for each service you offer with detailed descriptions of the procedure, before and after pictures, reviews, costs, frequently asked questions, and an easy way to book. Having a separate page for each med spa service you offer will not only help you convert more users into leads, but it’s vital to ranking higher on Google’s local search results.

Once your website is set up correctly, make sure it is doing all it can to generate more leads! We have developed a free Ultimate Internet Marketing Checklist for Med Spas to ensure you are coving all the Internet marketing basics to establish yourself as the go-to resource for med spas in your area.

Increasing Your Conversion Rate Will Significantly Increase Your Bottom Line

The biggest challenge for most med spas is not generating more leads but instead not converting the leads they have. 50-60% of inbound leads leave unconverted, and 90% of form submissions fail to convert due to leads going cold if not followed up within 5 minutes. Increasing your conversion rate can significantly increase your bottom line, as demonstrated by doing the simple math of converting 30% of 100 leads into $7-8k revenue, or converting 70% of those same 100 leads will result in $17-18k in revenue.

Marketing Automation Will Help You Convert More Leads

Because most leads need to be followed up within the first 5 minutes to maximize your conversion rate, you should use marketing automation to automatically follow up with cold leads that come in through web forms, phone, email, and text messages. Most med spa operators are unavailable 24/7, so having a system will take that burden off your shoulders, will help qualify a lead, and better convert that lead into a sale. Also, remember that, on average, most leads need to be contacted five or more times over five days before they will convert into sales. We know busy med spa operators and owners need more time to nurture leads, so take that responsibility off your plate by using a marketing automation system.

Live Chat Can Help Increase Your Website Conversions

Adding a Live Chat widget to your website can increase conversion rates since 60% of people prefer to use live chat when browsing online. Having a live chat widget allows potential clients to interact with you directly and get immediate answers to their questions. It also gives your users the sense that they are getting personalized service, making them more likely to convert into sales.

AI tools like chatbots can also automatically qualify leads and recommend services that fit their needs and budget. AI-driven analytics can provide an in-depth understanding of user behavior, allowing med spas to tailor marketing messages and offers for maximum conversion rates.

Know and Track Your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Now that you have covered all the essential marketing elements and are actively generating more leads, tracking and measuring your progress is critical. You should use a marketing dashboard to track your KPIs, such as website visits, generated leads, reviews, and appointments booked. This will help you better monitor your progress and make changes accordingly.  You can use the free analytics system, Google Analytics, to track your leads and better understand their origin.

Latest Internet Marketing Trends For Med Spas

Shift From Phone Conversations To Text Message Conversions

Text messaging has become the most popular way to communicate with potential leads. Studies have shown that text messages are more successful in delivering conversions than traditional phone conversations. You need a system that allows users to converse with you through text and store those customers in a database to later remarket to them.

Voice Search Is On The Rise

The use of Voice Search is rapidly rising, so ensure your website is optimized for voice search queries. Use keywords and phrases on your website that people use when talking rather than typing out their searches. Adding optimized keywords to your website will help increase your online visibility and drive more organic traffic. Adding FAQs to your services pages is also an excellent way to help capture more voice search traffic.

All In Marketing Perspective Should Include SEO, PPC, And Social Posting

Nowadays, running more than one marketing campaign on one channel is required. All your campaigns must work together synergistically to ensure you get the desired results. With advertising costs on channels like Instagram and Facebook going up, the days of running a few ads and getting a positive ROI are long gone. That’s why it’s essential to use SEO, PPC, and social posting as part of your all-in marketing strategy. Building an online presence will take time, but the rewards are well worth it, and you won’t be stuck thinking, “I tried marketing, but it just didn’t work for me!”.

Website Live Chat

People are shifting from phone conversations to message conversations, and businesses can adapt by implementing automation systems and live chat widgets on their websites. By allowing potential clients to text you right from your website, you can increase conversions and create a more personalized experience for potential customers. AI technology can also automatically qualify chat leads, making it faster and easier to nurture those leads.

Build Your 2023 Med Spa Marketing Plan

By understanding and utilizing the latest internet marketing trends, you can ensure maximum growth for your med spa. By setting clear goals, understanding your buyer personas, optimizing your website, and using automation tools, you can ensure top growth for your med spa in 2023.

You also can maintain long-term marketing success by staying ahead of your competition by tracking KPIs, switching to text messaging, optimizing for voice search, running multichannel campaigns, and implementing live chat on your website. Start building a comprehensive marketing strategy today to prepare for the future and stand out among your competition.

If you have any questions on the latest internet marketing strategies or need some help setting these up, please sign up for a free marketing recommendation session here –> https://medspamarketingportal.com/recommendation-session

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